Flood Management Information System Centre

FMISC Implementation Philosophy

a)Pilot in Rapti basin, extend later to Ghagra and other flood prone basins in Eastern UP.

b)Primary focus on better preparedness (capacity building, flood forecasting, river monitoring, Embankment Safety Programme, community outreach, public dissemination)

c)Support emergency flood management ( in‐season river monitoring, near real‐time inundation mapping

d)Support synergy across flood management units in UPID and external agencies

e)Introduce innovative concepts and technologies

FMIS would Support Improved Flood Management through

  • Satellite monitoring of river behavior through the years and including in flood season

  • Centralized accessible GIS based database

  • Real‐time meteorological and hydrometric data collection

  • Advanced flood modeling techniques

  • Rational embankment management

  • Last‐mile connectivity

  • Community based flood risk management

  • Provide technical support to flood offices across UPID